Semantic MediaWiki is a free form database

3rd January 2021 at 11:21am

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free, open-source ex­ten­sion to MediaWiki – the wiki soft­ware that pow­ers Wikipedia – that lets you store and query data with­in the wiki's pages.

It uses concepts from the semantic web to store data within the wiki's page. Specifically triples of the form (subject, predicate, object) e.g (WikiPage, Property, Value). For example, you could write on a wiki page:

// Subject (e.g Wikipage) is default to the page where the text is written
// the format is [[Property name::property value]]

Arnaud is from [[Has town::Saint-Denis]], a city from [[Has country::Ile de La Reunion]].

SMW provides 17 datatypes (boolean, number, etc.) and more can be created.

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