My first impressions on Linda

13th November 2022 at 8:46pm

As a side project, I did an implementation of Linda tuple space in Julia.

Because I didn't have a specific use for Linda, it's hard to judge. However, the design implementation of the tuple space is extremely important. If it's not fast to read/write (depending of your need), there is not point doing parallel processing.

The syntax to query the tuple space is easy to use and to implement (depending of your need). For the implementation, I use a simple get_range (like FoundationDB by Apple) using a sorted array. I wonder if using a database will not make it easier to implement the tuple space (e.g Redis, SQLite, FoundationDB).

For more complicated query, something like Datalog or MiniKanren seem good.

Would there be a use for Linda tuple space? My gut feeling says yes, but until I find a specific problem to solve I can't be sure.

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