Artifacts Thesis

5th January 2021 at 8:28am


I personally found the thesis a lot more interesting than the website. They have a very good chapter about creativity.

P6 - The six creative stages by Linneweh:

  • Information
  • Pondering
  • Speculation
  • Maturing
  • Insight
  • Testing

Barriers: negatively influence the creative process (consciously or unconsciously).

P8. [...] often we reject ideas based on a subconscious reason, rather than conscious reasoning. Because of this they limit our thoughts and prevent us from developing new ideas

P21. [...] five abilities which describe a highly creative person: high problem awareness, widespread knowledge, mental flexibility, critical judgment and strong perseverance (LINNEWEH, 1994, P. 40).

P21. Computer as colleague [...] involves a real partnership, in which humans and computer work hand in hand.

P23. [...] Shneiderman (2005) recommends that future tools support exploratory search and guide users to discover previous and related work.

P23. (about Knowledge Management) DIKW: Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

P47. (about how external content can be integrated):

  • Preview
  • External Editing
  • Internal Editing (complete or partial)
  • History
  • Search
  • Real time Collaboration
  • Variable Output (variable input seems also interesting)
  • Conversion (e.g from Audio -> Text (transcript))

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