Adding backlinks to TiddlyWiki by Jack Baty

5th January 2021 at 11:16am

Just found how to add backlinks to TiddlyWiki. It is so simple and your notes are updated automatically.

You need to create a new tiddler with:

<$list filter='[is[current]backlinks[]limit[1]]' variable=dummy>
Backlinks: <$list filter='[<currentTiddler>backlinks[]butlast[]]'><$link><$view field="title"/></$link>,</$list>
<$list filter='[<currentTiddler>backlinks[]last[]]'><$link><$view field="title"/></$link></$list>

And tag the tiddler with $:/tags/ViewTemplate.

I had no idea TiddlyWiki could be so powerful.

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